About Torey

I'm kind of bohemian and love nature and exploring. If I could do anything in the world besides photography, I'd have a podcast. (Maybe someday I will.) I am a super curious, open and intuitive person. 

I've always been an artist and wanted to do something artistic for my work. Interestingly, for the longest time, photography never crossed my mind as something that was for me. I got into some photo editing and sharing on Instagram but things really took off for me professionally in 2016. 

I had just gotten my first Canon for Christmas and was wanting to take photos of my kids and nature. After I got married in 2015, I was invited to work with my wedding photographer. This began a five year partnership where I was second shooting weddings and engagement sessions, editing galleries, and eventually helped my friend grow her dream business into a stunning wedding venue (now called Little Lights on the Lane).

I absolutely fell in love with shooting weddings and knew I had found what I wanted to do with my life (but really, it had found me).  

What else about me? I'm a mom to two boys, lover of IPAs and wine, dark coffee, and reading. I'm down for any adventure and love the outdoors. I'm super passionate about self-growth and I am eternally curious. I could talk about metaphysics, human development, nutrition, personal growth and life's mysteries forever and ever. 

My pets are also super important to me. I have an 8-year old pitbull named Gemma, my cats Charlie & Baby (the latter I absolutely cherish), and a 17-year-old chihuahua named Louie.

I think it's so cool I get to do this for a living because I really love it. So thanks for being here, reading this, and hopefully we get to create something awesome together. 

artist, mother, serial hobbyist




Do what you love.
Be honest. 
Be kind. 
Laugh more. 
Have integrity. 
Look for the joy.

Old timey things

Instant film cameras are so fun. I love the vintage feel. There's this almost instantaneous draw of nostalgia, even if the print just cranked out of the camera a few short seconds ago. I love that feeling.

Traveling is cool like that. It brings out the inner kid in me, because as I look around in wonder, everything is new, exciting, and nothing has been named and catalogued and stored yet as just another thing I see every day.

Hawaii has been my favorite place so far. I'm hopeful I'll find more as I go to new places!

People are the best though. I love connecting with people other people and documenting their connections. 

I'm calm & professional behind the camera. 

I really, really, care about what's most important to you on your wedding day.  

I won't show up to your session or wedding with the intention to build my portfolio, grow my following, or tell MY story. My intention is always to serve YOU and to tell YOUR story.

I'm here to share my gifts with the world through photography, film video, and the power of stories. And I hope we laugh and connect in the process. 

Music (I love almost all music but right now it's mostly lofi)
Comfort food
IPAs  &  wine
Indian food
90s everything
Animals! Dogs & Cats
A clean house

"Torey did both our engagement and wedding pictures and those 2 days were seriously so fun and easy thanks to her! As soon as I found her online I knew I had to reach out. Torey is such a talented photographer and an incredible person. She was flexible, made us feel comfortable, and made the entire experience a breeze. We could not be happier with the end result and will cherish these photos for the rest of our lives. I highly highly recommend Torey! We'll definitely be booking her for any future photos we might need."

J & J

august, 2020


Torey has photographed my family on more than one occasion and has always been completely professional. Torey has been working in the wedding industry for a few years as a second shooter but is a standout on her own. Torey is talented, creative, a professional and very easy to get along with. She was able to capture the best photos we've ever had. You will love working with Torey Rohde Photography!