An earthy, free-spirited, plant-loving barefoot chick. I'm an adventurous, ocean/mountain/forest/field loving nature enthusiast. I am super passionate about self-growth and I spend most of my time doing just that. I'm insatiably curious and always learning something new.  

I love books, IPAs, and podcasts. I swear a lot and I have too many pets. I'm married to the most supportive and loving guy, and we're raising our two little boys in a little city in the Midwest. 

I'm an outdoors enthusiast, doing anything at all. I love to travel and I relentlessly seek out new experiences. I believe life is full to the brim of new perspectives and possibilities. I'm an enneagram 4w5, and I love being creative. 





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These grainy, low quality photos are my favorites of us.

They inspire me and stir up feelings of love...they're raw and honest. They remind me of that happy Christmas well spent with family in onesie pajamas, and the first few minutes of Jaxon being big brother to our Benson. There's no pretty background or perfect hair & outfit.
It's just us being us.

Even though they're far from "perfect", I love these so much because they transport me back to this time of my life, they make my heart swell up when I look at them. They remind me of the story behind them, the memory. This is what makes a good photograph. That's what I want my photos to do for you. 

Just tell stories 

Photography is so inspiring to me. An image can be powerfully moving. Capturing just a simple expression, the lines of architecture, a landscape, shadows, and golden light all have the power to present to each viewer a different, yet equally moving message. Just like a song. With a story.

This is Emily and Tyler. They fell in love after Emily punched Tyler in the face and tried to kick him out of his own apartment in college. If that's not an epic "how you met" story, I don't know what is. 

They had plans to get married June of 2020, but due to coronavirus, pushed their date back to May of 2021. But they were impatient, love couldn't wait and they wanted to be married now! They decided to get married in their backyard, and that's where I came into the picture. 
When I arrived to their home Tyler was so excited and nervous that he ran into a side table and knocked over the framed photos on it. Emily and her girls were practically bubbling out of their bedroom where they were hiding away preparing for the walk down the aisle. 

I only spent a couple of hours with Emily & Tyler but I was moved by their story, and so I'm forever changed. It's an honor to work in such an environment where I am both witness and preserver of these moments. 

Stories that Matter

These instant film prints were from January of 2020, when my husband and I took our boys to Hawaii for the first time. We swam in the salty ocean water, hiked in the jungle, and wound slowly around a volcano while it was pouring rain and overflowing waterfalls on the Road to Hana. We played in the sand, ate pineapples and cantaloupe fresh from the farmers market, and scream-laughed while getting pushed around by the waves on the beach. 

It's been a two year tradition to travel around my birthday, and Hawaii was no different. You see, when I travel, I get this kind of energy. I love the chaos, the stress, the tickets, the plane rides, the airports, the luggage pickup carousel, the tiny airplane windows, bed and breakfasts and hotels. New sights, new smells, new feelings. I always imagine myself living there and what it would be like.  

Traveling feels good. It's a new experience, it's a way to take you out of your day to day and force you to be present. It regenerates my child-like spirit, which I try to hold onto. I don't want to lose my sense of wonder in this world. 

I feel like this on a wedding day too. No wedding is the same, even if the DJ plays the same songs as all the other DJs. Everyone's still gonna dance! And I'm singing along behind my camera. No story is the same, and each has its own delicate way of unfolding. 

I love being fully immersed in the multitude of stories and generations of families at a wedding. I imagine your family as if they were my family. Your stories and relationships inspire me and I strive to document them beautifully for you, so that you feel about them the way I feel about my own memories. 

Rain, hail or shine, I won’t miss a beat

I'll be a calming presence on your wedding day. I am sensitive to your needs, and professional the whole day through. 

We'll catch up on details beforehand: the timeline, shot list, family, wedding party, whether or not I can sneak off with you for romantic sunset portraits, and what's really, really, most important to you on your wedding day. 

I've been a part of the planning, running, or shooting of over 100 weddings, and I'll be bringing that experience with me on your wedding day. 

Above all else, I care about how you want to spend your time on your wedding day. We'll talk about what you're most looking forward to and I'll make sure I get those moments.

I won't show up to your wedding with the intention to build my portfolio, grow my following, or tell MY story. My intention is always to serve YOU and to tell YOUR story.

I'm here to share my gifts with the world through photography, film video, and the power of stories. Your story, through my lens. 

Here I am wearing a blanket to keep the bride warm during portaits on a cold day

A few things that always catch my eye


The sky 




Golden hour light on anything

Music (I love almost all music but right now it's mostly lofi)

Children being themselves

October, 2020

I have no words for both how phenomenal the photos Torey took are OR for how grateful I am to have such precious memories!


Dalton + Alexis

august, 2020


Torey has photographed my family on more than one occasion and has always been completely professional. Torey has been working in the wedding industry for a few years as a second shooter but is a standout on her own. Torey is talented, creative, a professional and very easy to get along with. She was able to capture the best photos we've ever had. You will love working with Torey Rohde Photography!


Life is either a daring adventure, 
or nothing. 

Helen Keller