Muscatine Wedding Photographer
Muscatine Wedding Photographer

February 11, 2022

Dreamy Muscatine Summer Engagement Session

Muscatine Wedding Photographer

Props to Ali and Zack for coming out with me on one of the hottest days of the year. I’m talking about the kind of day where you are instantly soaked in sweat upon being outdoors for five minutes. They didn’t complain and we got these dreamy, filmy, romantic shots of these two celebrating their engagement!

Celebrating Ali & Zack

We started at Iowa Fields in Muscatine. I actually lived for several years just around the corner and used to bring my boys and dogs to the field when they were all still babies. Muscatine is where I started my family and it’s always nice to be brought back for photos.

We headed to Deep Lakes park next. This is a gorgeous park that’s growing by leaps and bounds every year. They now have cabins, miles of sidewalk and natural hiking trails, fishing, boat ramp, and some uniquely pretty scenery. It almost feels like a desert – at one point Ali almost stepped on a huge cactus! I have visions of doing a desert 70s themed styled shoot here, with a vintage RV. (So if anyone is down for making that happen with me…I’m here for it!)

How Humidity Looks In Photos

One thing I love about their session is the hazy quality of the photos that makes it so dreamy. That is literally the heat that is causing the photos to look this way, and this is really one of many ways that weather can affect your photo session. As you can see, it isn’t always a bad thing. In fact, unless it’s raining in sheets, we should almost always go ahead and meet at our normal time despite whatever weather is going on. Especially if you want your photos to not be cookie-cutter.

These two are so kind and sweet, I cannot wait to see them again for their wedding day in 2022! Counting down the days to their wedding day!

Locations: Iowa Fields, Muscatine | Deep Lakes Park, Muscatine

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February 11, 2022

Dreamy Muscatine Summer Engagement Session

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