January 8, 2021

Shannon + Brady’s December Wedding Ceremony

I had a call from a colleague who wasn’t able to photograph this ceremony, so with 4 days notice, I accepted this wedding on a winter’s night. Now, I’ve never shot an entire wedding indoors AND at night, so this presented me with a challenge that I gladly accepted. And guess what – I did not use the flash a single time.

Shannon and Brady had plans to get married for over a year. Like so many of you in 2020, COVID had other plans – but so did life. When the two got together, they became a family of six; but one more baby was headed their way. They put their plans on hold and had their son, and just when plans were being made once again, a global pandemic hit!

Love is patient but they were not (anymore). They just wanted to tie the knot! So they planned a small, intimate ceremony with immediate family near their homes at a charming bed and breakfast.

It was a calm, blue winter evening when I arrived at Buckman’s Guesthouse in tiny, rural Morning Sun, Iowa. I passed miles of frozen fields and watched the sun set slowly over the interstate as I traveled there, and the scenery at the bed and breakfast was calm and peaceful. When I came inside there was a fire blazing, and I caught a glimpse of a red fox crossing the back field through the living room window. Too bad I didn’t have my gear out yet to capture him (or her)!

Shannon was busy getting the kiddos ready and everything felt so relaxed, even with the building excitement. When the girls were ready, we took their portraits and had fun exploring the 8,000 square foot house. They were definitely ready to see what was upstairs when I asked them if they wanted to scout photo locations with me, and ran upstairs giggling with the freedom to finally explore the house, bubbling over with their own ideas for photos. I saw the moon outside, almost full, and you know I had to capture that, too.

Now with family beginning to arrive, the adults start getting ready. Shannon gets zipped with the help of her mom and sister, and just as she’s done her little girl came into the room with the sweetest expression, totally wowed at seeing her mom all ready in her white dress. While Brady and the guys get ready upstairs, Shannon has a first look with her stepdad and little guy – so cute! (I also got to meet the B&B house cat.) Brady and his best man getting ready together are some pure moments.

JUST MARRIED! These moments were pure and joyful. It was an honor to document Shannon and Brady’s story.

Now to finish with the Mr. & Mrs.! We were so lucky to have, like, a billion rooms in the house to choose from, but I liked the hallway best.

Cheers to you, Shannon & Brady!

Venue: Buckman’s Guesthouse, Morning Sun

Time for a simple ceremony in front of the fireplace, and celebrations after. Just look at how stoked Brady is.

Cheers to you, Shannon & Brady!!

January 8, 2021

Shannon + Brady’s December Wedding Ceremony

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