February 11, 2022

University of Iowa Grad Portraits | The Old Capitol, Iowa City

Colleen wanted to commemorate her graduation with a photo session, and get a few shots with her puppy. I love how these turned out! Her puppy is so dang cute, and I had the pleasure of holding him while I got some photos of Colleen. He was definitely the star of the show to passerby down on the Old Capitol grounds in Iowa City. All the students walking near us wanted to stop and admire the fluffy teddy bear puppy and pet him. I don’t blame them in the least.

This session was actually kind of funny and I’ll always remember this day because I’ve never had an experience like it before. We weren’t the only ones here doing the same sort of pictures this day – in fact, there were at least 10 other photographers around us using all of the same spots with other graduates. Colleen wasn’t the only one doing a champagne pop to celebrate either – when we went to stand on the Capitol’s steps, if you stayed too long, your feet would get stuck in the sticky wine that was literally everywhere.

We did end up being together for longer than the time we had planned because of the situation and had to be like, okay it’s our turn! But all in all it was such an enjoyable session and I had a great time with Colleen and Walter. Grad sessions are super fun and I am excited to see more grad portrait sessions next year!

What to expect during your graduation portrait session:

  1. Depending on what session you choose, we could be spending anywhere from 30 minutes to two hours together.
  2. We can go to two different locations or just stay at one, depending again on what session you choose.
  3. I always recommend at least one outfit change for variety later on when you print photos or hang them up.
  4. Relax, enjoy your session and have fun!

How to book a portrait session with Torey:

  1. Check out the pricing and info on the portrait page.
  2. Send me a message and let’s get started!

February 11, 2022

University of Iowa Grad Portraits | The Old Capitol, Iowa City

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