wedding planning

Often times before I meet with a couple, they let me know how nervous they are and/or how much the guys don’t really like photos. I mean, even I get uncomfortable in front of the camera so I totally get it! There’s truly no other time when you’re this vulnerable, and despite the Instagram/Facebook/email messaging […]

(Images by Torey Rohde Photography at Little Lights on the Lane) Setting up the timeline for your wedding day is a big deal! After all that time, money, and energy spent planning and preparing for your big day, you’ll want to make sure the day flows smoothly and that you have time for everything you […]

Choosing your ceremony and reception location(s) are one of the first (and biggest!) decisions you’ll make after deciding to be someone’s lifelong adventure partner. There’s a lot to consider, and often a lofty price tag as well, so you want to make sure that your investment is what will really serve you best. First things […]

January 30, 2021 Meet the Buffingtons: Alex, Kori, Hudson, who is almost 3, and their newest family member, who is still in the oven! I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know this family over the last few years through my sister, who worked with Kori as a nurse, and their friendship has been a […]

It was hard to choose just 30! But, I hope these make you laugh or resonate with you. Comment your life lessons to add, or chime in if you relate. I hope you enjoy! There are people who will hear your side of a story and consider what you have to say, and there are […]

It was a calm, blue winter evening when I arrived at Buckman’s Guesthouse in tiny, rural Morning Sun, Iowa. I passed miles of frozen fields and watched the sun set slowly over the interstate as I traveled there, and the scenery at the bed and breakfast was calm and peaceful. When I came inside there was a fire blazing, and I caught a glimpse of a red fox crossing the back field through the living room window. Too bad I didn’t have my gear out yet to capture him (or her)!…